Q: Do you know what Dell does in Education? A: It’s probably a lot more than you think

Are you aware of the things that Dell does in education? If you’ve not looked recently, you might think that it’s all about things you can drop on your foot – laptops, servers, monitors etc. But the reality is that Dell has quietly been spending more and more of it’s time creating products and services that address education challenges, rather than just better IT.

You can read an overview of some of these things in a great article “Dell brings platform first to education, hardware second”on ZDNet by Christopher Dawson.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook for educationSome of those are things that you’d recognise from Dell (but cooler) like the XPS 13 Ultrabook, which won the Gizmodo ‘Best Ultrabook’ Award – made available in Australia yesterday.

Dell short throw interactive projectorsAnd although you probably knew that Dell made projectors, have you seen their interactive projectors – which do away with the need for an interactive whiteboard. The benefit of this is that you can show a much bigger picture when you need it, rather than being limited by the size of the whiteboard. This means you don’t need to gather the whole of your class at the front of the classroom to demonstrate something, in order that they can see all of the text.

But where Dell are currently going is to support the whole education journey, and one of the first things we’re seeing is what they are calling their Next Generation Learning Platform – connecting the apps and digital resources that teachers use with the learning data that will help teachers and students succeed. I saw some of the early versions of this, created for students in Europe, where they were working hard on creating a single connected classroom experience – as opposed to the disconnected experience many students and teachers have across multiple systems and services.

And their creation of an Education Data Management solution takes it further on the journey.

There’s a 40 second intro, that you might want to skip past, to get to the Cannon Hill story from Queensland

Derek Knox from Dell, who’s based here in Sydney, agreed to sit in a studio and answer a series of questions about what their ‘Connected Classroom’ is – you can see it on YouTube here.

There’s a lot more to come on the Dell work, as so much of it hasn’t yet been announced, but in his ZD Net article Christopher Dawson talks about getting a sneak peak at what’s around the corner:

  Aligning content drawn from a variety of resources for teachers, parents, and students with standards, learning styles, and particular needs identified by regular assessment, the learning platform provides what Dell refers to as truly personalized educational tools. I had a chance to take a sneak peak at the platform last week and, aside from its slick web interface that will lend itself to both younger and older students, as well as to both tablets and PCs of varying sizes, I was blown away by the sheer thoughtfulness of the whole thing.  



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