The power of TED for education – coming to your classroom in condensed form

I love listening to TED talks. I only wish I had enough time when I was sitting in front of a screen and could watch more of them. Today I discovered that they have started releasing their first batch of Ted Education talks – very short videos that are ideal as a classroom plenary, or to plant a seed of an idea with students.

Today, they’re available on the Ted-Ed YouTube channel, but there will soon be a Ted-Ed channel on the main TED website (which is a better idea, given how many schools block YouTube, and the problem created for teachers by noxious comments on YouTube videos.

Here’s one I watched today, which I believe in completely:

The power of simple words–something I believe in deeply

Visit the Ted-Ed channel, to find some of their first batch of videos, on pandemics, containerisation, cockroaches, evolution and a bunch of other subjects.