Total spend on ICT in education in Australia to reach $3.2 billion by 2015

Icons_books_blueIDC have released a report on the Australian Education ICT market (you can buy it here, if you’ve got a spare $4,500), and a matching press release (which is free fortunately).

The headline numbers are:

  • The Australian Education ICT market size is $2.8bn this year, expecting to grow to reach $3.2bn by 2015.
  • The Australian Education ICT market growth is quoted as 2.1% annually from 2010 to 2015
  • 42% of the spend is on hardware – meaning that education institutions in Australia spend just over $1bn a year on devices
  • Education ICT makes up 6% of the total spend on ICT in Australia

And the reasons for this growth (and the size of the total spend) is spelt out by IDC as:

  Pervasive mobility, investment in the NBN and the promise of a new connected and engaged vision for education is placing ICT much more centrally within the delivery of education. These activities will open new opportunities in mobility, collaboration and video conferencing.  

IDC have also looked at the top three ICT priorities for organisations in the Australian education market, and they are:

  1. Migrating to new hardware/software platforms
  2. Aligning IT/IS with business direction
  3. Developing effective business cases for IT investment

These priorities reflect the focus across the sector on putting the right infrastructure and platforms in place to deliver a new kind of reality in the delivery of education. As Emilie Ditton, the Market Analyst at IDC says:

  A very significant investment has been made in infrastructure and hardware within and for the education sector. Education organisations are now required to build the application, platforms, services and solutions that will utilise that hardware and deliver the experiences, interactivity and outcomes this infrastructure investment promises. Video conferencing, collaboration technologies, mobility and storage will be particular areas of ongoing opportunity.  

So what does that mean for organisations supplying and supporting education ICT in Australia?

The IDC team provide a clear short summary:


Vendors working to find opportunities within the education sector must work with their customers to build ICT strategies that deliver against the institution objectives, and particularly help them understand how key technologies — mobility, cloud, and business analytics, for example — can help to deliver improved educational outcomes and experiences.