How would you make a job advert for a teacher attractive? They’ve done it for school bus drivers

I’ve written before about the impending teacher shortage in Australia (more about the Australian Teacher shortage here and here). And then I saw this set of adverts, from the side of Southland School Buses in Canada, and marvelled at the way they’ve made being a school bus driver sound attractive:


So here’s a job that’s important to schools, and they are obviously having difficulty finding employees. Exactly the same challenge that will apply to teacher recruitment in the future. And the pay’s not great either (here in Australia, working at a supermarket checkout pays more than $16.25 an hour).

How to recruit teachers effectively?

It got me thinking – if you had to break the mould on teacher recruitment, and actually make the job attractive, what would you say? As opposed to the current model, which is to advertise a list of jobs and the capacities you want in an applicant, and do very little to sell the job to motivate people to apply (and from some terrible stories I’ve read, sometimes do little to motivate people once they’ve applied).

Here’s a weekend challenge: What could you say about a teacher’s job to motivate somebody to apply?

All ideas into the comments box below…. (you may need to click on the story headline above to get the page with the comments box)

Need inspiration? Take a look at the Southland video adverts for school bus drivers on YouTube