Imagine Cup Australia Finals–your chance to meet the next generation of IT innovators

Imagine Cup Australia

Last year was the first time that I’d attended the Australia finals for the Imagine Cup. I spent an afternoon at the PowerHouse Museum in Sydney, hearing small teams of passionate university students pitch their technology projects, and demonstrate the software that they had developed. In many cases, the ideas that they demonstrated were the kinds of things you’d expect huge corporations with big research budgets to produce. Two teams demonstrated the use of mobile phones for emergency management of bush fires and other civil emergencies – using the GPS, social media and other capabilities to keep citizens safer and more informed. The Australian winners showed how they could give paraplegics the ability to control computers and other devices through scanning brain waves.

It was an exceptional afternoon – and I came away hugely impressed by what students could achieve in their part-time.

What I couldn’t believe is that there weren’t more IT people there, scouting for the next generation of developers for their businesses! So this year, perhaps I can help change that. As well as heading down there myself, I thought it would be worth extending the invitation…

The Australia Imagine Cup finals are being held in Melbourne next week, on Tuesday afternoon. And it’s free to attend. I cannot recommend it highly enough as a way to potentially find the next innovator for your business – before they’ve reached the end of their university course, and you’re competing for them alongside ever other employer.

You can register to attend below – it’s an opportunity to sit in the auditorium, watch some amazing presentations, and network with others whilst the judges deliberate on the winner. It all kicks off at 3pm, and is normally over by 7pm.

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