The 6 weirdest blog search queries

Every now and again, people end up on this blog because it shows up in a Bing/Google/Yahoo search. Sometimes it’s about things you’d expect (it’s great that it appears as the number 2 result for ‘SharePoint school websites’ or number 1 for ‘accessibility of SharePoint’).

But sometimes the search terms that people use amaze me.

So here, for nothing more than entertainment, are the top 6 weirdest search engine queries that led people to this blog online:

  1. Can I make my email replies look like I’m out of office when I’m not? (got them to this page)
    What? You want to make it look like you’re not in the office. Surely somebody can just walk by your desk and spot the trick?

    • How to make beautiful school (got them to this page)
      At least I understand why you’d ask this. And fortunately, the page they get will show them to pretty up their website! Oh, and go me, I’m the first result in Google for that search Smile
      • I’m out of the office (got them to this page too)
        Why would anybody type that into a search engine? Maybe a journey of self-discovery

        • How to win a ward (got them to this page)
          Please tell me they weren’t trying to win a new hospital wing

          • Do I need a job title? (got them to this page)
            I cannot imagine any reason to type that into a search engine

            • Describe how using Microsoft technologies in your solution helped you win against the competition(got them to this page )
              This is just like copying your homework from somebody else. It was one of the questions on the form to enter for Microsoft Education Partner of the Year, and obviously somebody was looking for some help!

            Anybody other bloggers have any experience of this and want to share your examples?