Cloud Computing and Privacy for Australian Government organisations

After writing about the Cloud Security Alliance STAR (Security, Trust & Assurance Registry) project (Is my data safe in the Cloud – Part One and Part Two) last month, I have been reading some more background information published by AGIMO. There are a number of guides that have been finalised and published:

  • Privacy and Cloud Computing for Australian Government Agencies
  • Negotiating the Cloud – Legal Issues in Cloud Computing Agreements
  • Financial Considerations for Government use of Cloud Computing

A few conversations I’ve had revolve around perceptions of cloud computing in education, and what information is suitable to moved onto a cloud-based system. Which normally means a conversation about the relative security of cloud datacentres versus on-premise data and servers.

The opening sentence in the first paper above, about cloud privacy, is very clear and helpful in the conversation:

  Despite common perceptions, cloud computing has the potential to enhance privacy safeguards used to protect personal information held by Government agencies.  

If you’re thinking about how you can expand your use of cloud services in an education institution, there’s some really useful detailed advice in the guides.

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