How to use twitter to recruit students

The Genuis Recruiter (who sell social media services to universities recruiting international students) has a well-written blog with useful hints and data on recruiting international students in higher education. If it’s in your role to think about expanding your student base in a university or TAFE, or you’re curious about the intersection between technology and student recruitment, then I’d recommend adding their blog to your reading list.

One of the really interesting posts from the last month is “How universities are using Twitter to recruit students”, which is important because of the rapid rate of growth of 12-17 year olds using it (the ideal demographic for your next generation of students). In total, there are over 100 million Twitter users, and so it would be wrong to think that Facebook is the only place where you can connect with your future students.

In the use 84% of US universities have official Twitter presences, and they are using it for two key ways to connect to students for:

  • Communicating and interacting with future students
  • Advertising to students (with geotargeted ads based on students interests expressed through their own tweets)

The Genius Recruiter article has links for further info, and also a handy infographic tip sheet with advice on how to get more clicks on your Twitter tweets.

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