What does the Cloud do in education, as well as create jobs?

According to an IDC study “Cloud Computing & Worldwide Job Creation”, it’s forecast that nearly 14 million new jobs will have been created worldwide by cloud services around the world. In Australia, it’s forecast that cloud-related jobs are going to grow 129% between 2012 and 2015. And education is one of the fastest growing markets for jobs created by Cloud services (see Table 1 in the report) – with a compound annual growth rate of 29% to 2015.Windows Azure in Education

Maybe that’s why, in a new Windows Azure infographic above, it’s an example from the use of Cloud in education that’s put front and centre. The three examples it gives of game-changing use of the Cloud infrastructure are:

  • Harvey Norman, using Windows Azure to scale to almost instantly cope with a 1,850% spike in web traffic
  • Curtin University, using Windows Azure to perform complex genome sequencing in hours, not weeks
  • Pixel Pandemic, using Windows Azure to support 10 million monthly page views, and 300,000 global gamers

I had two thoughts from reading this:

  1. Education continues to lead the world in innovative use of new technologies
  2. It’s a good example of today’s technology students needing new skills for tomorrow’s world