Microsoft global Education Partner of the Year 2012

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The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, in Toronto this month, was a chance to celebrate the success of partners who’d been crowned as Microsoft Partner of the Year in the global awards. A long term education partner, Dell, was recognised this year as our Global Education Partner of the Year for their focused work on building education solutions.  Of course, Dell has been a close Microsoft partner with Windows devices, laptops, slates, and tablets for many years, but their partnership is actually much broader than just hardware devices.  It was Dell’s Education Data Management (EDM) solution that won the award for them this year.

Dell EDM ScreenshotThe Dell Education Data Management solution solves two critical aspects of using date to enhance learning. One aspect is assembling the data into a place and structure which allows a full picture of learning progress to take place from a ‘single source of truth’; and the second aspect is presenting it back to users (whether that’s leaders, classroom teachers, or students) in ways that makes sense, and simplifies a mass of data down to key insights.

There’s quite a bit of info, and case studies, on the Education Data Management system on the Dell website – as well as a detailed EDM datasheet in PDF

Next stop in the awards season? Well, we’ll shortly be announcing the finalists in the Australian Partner of the Year Awards – and there’s an Australian Education Partner of the Year category there too.