What’s new for education in the latest Intune release?

Yesterday, I wrote about Intune for BYOD in education, specifically for device management in education networks. But I didn’t dive into much detail about the product, and what it can do. Although there’s plenty of information on the Intune website, you might be interested in reading the guide to what’s new in the June 2012 release of Windows Intune.

In summary, the key things that I think are relevant to education are:

  • New Policy Templates – allowing you to easily define a device management policy for different kinds of devices – eg dedicated student devices owned by the institution; student-owned laptops; staff laptops; staff phones; student phones
  • Peer-to-peer software and update distribution – to optimize Internet bandwidth usage
  • Software application downloads – to allow you to make internal apps available to your users automatically on their mobile devices
  • Devolving some device management – for example, to allow some staff, researchers or students to add their own devices to your system
  • Automatically track mobile devices that access your data through your Exchange server, and link them to users
  • Define mobile device access rules – in addition to laptops, Intune supports Windows Phone 7, iPad and iPad 2, iPhones, iPod Touch, and Android devices running Android 2.1 or later.
  • Deploy policies to secure your institutional data on users’ devices (eg PIN and wipe rules for staff smartphones)
  • Wipe mobile devices automatically

There’s a lot more information in the download below:

Learn MoreDownload the Windows Intune "What’s New" guide