Programming Windows 8 applications–Generation App

Do you want to develop Windows 8 applications, or want to know how to engage your students in developing apps? Well, Generation App is a great website to start from. It actually talks you through the process to create a Windows 8 app in 30 days. It’s relevant for a professional developer who’s starting on day one of a new project, as much as a self-study resource for students.

Screenshot from Generation App

Generation App sign-up screenAnd it’s dead easy to sign up – just login, download the free Visual Studio 2012 tools, and get started. And the site guides your carefully through 30 days of design, coding, testing and publishing your app.

There’s plenty of coding going on right now for Windows 8 apps, as we get closer and closer to the consumer release in October, and if you start coding now, you’ve got to stand a good chance of getting your app into the Windows Store by the time consumers start switching on their shiny new devices.

Of course, education customers will already have access to the released version of Windows 8 through their volume licence agreement, and developers will have it through their MSDN and Dreamspark subscriptions, so there is plenty of opportunity for developers and students to work with the full version of the product in advance of the consumer release.

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