Windows 8 Programming–the Windows 8 App Fest at TechEd 2012


Our global programme of Windows 8 DevCamps continues, and we’ve added a further Windows 8 DevCamp in Australia, just in case you missed the seven run earlier this year.

The next opportunity for Australian developers of education apps to learn about Windows 8 programming is the day before TechEd Australia kicks off, in the Gold Coast. It’s a 24-hour hackathon for building Windows 8 apps, and gives you the chance to get skilled up in Windows 8 apps, brainstorm ideas and code like there’s no tomorrow. Our expert mentors will work with you as you build your own Windows 8 app intended for the Store, rather than playing with sample applications.

Although the workshop isn’t specifically about developing Windows 8 applications for education, every single thing that you learn about will be relevant to developing applications for education.

Of course, your app could be the next big thing for the Windows Marketplace – it could earn you fame, riches or workplace glory!

It’s from 11:30AM on Monday 10 September until 12:00PM on Tuesday 11 September, and it cost a weeny $165. You bring along your laptop, your ideas, and any code you’ve already been working on (although you can start from scratch!). Oh, and bring along your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C# or XAML skills (oh, that rules me out then Sad smile)

Learn MoreYou can find out more, and register here

And, of course, once you’re there, you should stay for the whole of TechEd (11-14 Sept), as you’re going to end the week with an amazing amount of professional development opportunities

Why you should be developing Windows 8 applications for education

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering why you, or your colleagues, might want to spend a day learning about developing Windows 8 applications for education. Here’s my list of 3 key reasons:

  • The earlier you have an application in the Windows 8 marketplace, the more exposure you are going to get. Today the marketplace has a limited number of applications, so new ones are getting a high profile, especially as leading edge education customers .
  • Our Education account teams are currently installing Windows 8 onto their laptops and starting to demonstrate it to their customers. If you create an education specific app, I reckon you’re going to get them demonstrating your software to a lot of our early adopter customers in the next few months.
  • You’re demonstrating your innovation, to innovative customers (the people installing Windows 8 right now are the leading edge innovators)