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My colleagues in the UK Education team, working with Ollie Bray, an educational leader from Scotland, have produced a brilliant ebook "Exciting Learning: Using Technology to Improve Education"

imageThe new eBook aims to address the following:

  • Enhance the understanding of the benefits of ICT and technology across the curriculum including literacy, numeracy, technology, personal, social and health education
  • Provide practical information on how technology can be used to increase student motivation and enhance learning
  • Give teachers the confidence to use technology in class as a learning and teaching methodology that reaches across all subject areas and age groups
  • Reinforce the importance and place of ICT skills for productivity and the 21st century skills agenda
  • Encourage teachers to consider using games design and other technologies with students to help children become creators rather than consumers of content
  • Improve advice on how teachers and school leaders might tackle some of the common challenges encountered when trying to develop the use of technology in schools

Ollie is a fabulously inspirational educator, and I have been lucky enough to hear Ollie leading professional development sessions and talk at conferences where teachers have been so excited to grab his ideas to take back to their classrooms, especially when he talks so passionately about games-based learning. So it’s great that he’s taken some time to put those ideas into this ebook, to share with a wider audience. (He’s also shared much of his work on his website, OllieBray.com)

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