Windows 8 Education Software in the Windows Store


Most education customers already have licences to run Windows 8 (either through an existing academic subscription like EES, a School Agreement or a Campus Agreement; or through MSDN/DreamSpark), so if you’ve not given it a go yet, I’d recommend installing it on a spare laptop or desktop computer. That way you can have a play around with it, and also try out some of the new apps, in advance of the big launch day on 26th October.

My personal Windows 8 education app favourites that I’m playing with at the moment are:

Wikipedia Windows 8 app tile



Windows Store link for Wikipedia
It’s the usual great content from Wikipedia, but with a smart new interface, and especially useful semantic zoom

Physamajig Windows 8 app tile 



Windows Store link for Physamajig
A great teaching tool which really takes advantage of a touch screen

Mind8 Windows 8 app tile 



Windows Store link for Mind8
Simple mind-mapping, which would really useful to help students prepare revision or for assignments

Wordament Windows 8 app tile 



Windows Store link for Wordament
My favourite word game

Periodic Table Windows 8 app tile 


Periodic Table

Windows Store link for the Periodic Table app
This does exactly what it says in the name!

How Stuff Works Windows 8 app tile 


How Stuff Works

Windows Store link for How Stuff Works app
A great app for curious minds, which always takes me off in a completely new direction every time I load it


    I’m going to try and find some time to share some deeper reviews of the education apps (now, where is that extra 25th hour in the day?), but hopefully there’s enough pointers here for you go off and experiment with the new Windows 8 education software.