Building Windows 8 apps–the Readify roadshow is heading to town

Readify logoReadify, a Microsoft partner, are at the forefront of building Windows 8 apps, and when they won Microsoft’s global award for Software Development Partner of the Year, it wasn’t a surprise. Not only is it at the leading edge, but it makes sure it stays there by filling the team with Microsoft MVPs and VTSPs (specialists closely connected within the Microsoft business). Their client list of public sector customers includes  Queensland Department of Education and Training, St George School, The Queensland Department of Child Safety,the Victorian Electoral Commission, the Australia Post, and child welfare services provider Barnardos.

So when Readify decide to run a roadshow on developing modern apps for modern processes, and the charge is barely enough to cover the cost of breakfast, it struck me that education customers and partners should be interested, especially as we’re starting to see the first wave of Windows 8 apps developed by and for education institutions.

So here’s the details:


Microsoft & Readify present: Modern Apps, Modern Processes

The IT world is in the throes of yet another seismic shift, this time very much led by the consumer. It has led to the rise of mobile and tablet computing, cloud based applications, corporations adopting the ‘bring your own hardware’ approach, touch based interfaces and the demand by users for rapid, if not continual updates to the applications and services they consume.

This consumer led revolution isn’t just impacting developers writing software for the consumer market, it is also affecting the expectations and attitudes of the corporate market and raising the bar for what people are expecting from their internal systems.

In such a world the tools and approaches needed to develop modern applications also need to change.

With the launch of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft is providing tooling that targets the new Windows 8 platform and HTML5 based web applications in addition to providing support for existing development platforms.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 also delivers comprehensive tooling for a modern agile application lifecycle, supporting continual delivery and improvement.

Join us for breakfast in your local city and find out just how this can be done, and how a development team can build modern applications with great user experiences targeting the latest technology platforms.


There’s an event in most of the state capitals, throughout November, so grab a space while they’re still available. It’s just $20 a ticket!