Free workshops on Microsoft OneNote – Hands-on Tour at Swinburne


Yesterday I wrote about the new Lenovo Windows 8 tablets and touch laptops. Today, I’ve been sent details of workshops being run at Swinburne University of Technology on 24th October, with a chance to spend two and a half hours with a Lenovo Tablet PC and OneNote, learning how to use OneNote to support learning:


Lenovo, Microsoft and Swinburne have come together to deliver two practical, hands-on tours of Microsoft OneNote and how it can be used to improve teaching and learning.

Participants will be provided with a Lenovo Tablet PC for the day and will have the opportunity to explore the pedagogical potential provided by devices which allow multi-touch and digitised pen functionality in a Windows 8 environment.

Facilitated by experienced educators, each session will include a focus on how to use Microsoft OneNote to collaborate, research and create curricula. Participants will explore how to set up a collaborative space, use audio and video to provide more powerful feedback and assessment, and use OneNote as a tool for research and organising data. The consultants will provide practical classroom examples and ideas to assist teachers in applying new insights.


OneNote is part of Office, so you’ve probably already got it installed on your computer! This workshop will help you get the most from it to support teaching and learning

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