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imageAccording to the Australia Skills Gap Survey 2012, 7 out of 10 of organisations find it difficult to find individuals with the correct combination of both technical and generic skills.

And we can help with that!  We have a program called Microsoft IT Academy which lets education institutions deliver global standard technical training to all students, with matching industry certifications.

Microsoft IT Academy was originally developed to bridge the gap between education and employment by equipping students with the IT skill sets they need in today’s technology-centric job market, and providing professional development resources for educators. And because it can lead to our professional branded certifications – like Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate and Microsoft Certified Professional.

IT Academy has packaged different types of training resources:

  • eReference guides to complement existing curriculum organisation
  • eLearning to enable new up to date content to be delivered
  • Lesson plans to save time preparing classes and curriculums
  • Certifications to add value and further student employability

There’s content for all levels of education from primary school up to University programs.

  • For primary schools and introduction to computing classes ITA has the digital literacy curriculum to ensure all users have a core ICT competency to move into further education.
  • For High School level and up, IT Academy provides eLearning libraries across all Microsoft technologies: Office suite, Windows 8, SharePoint administration and development, SQL Server, and many more.
  • For TAFE, University and technically focused High School, there is huge value to be gained from introducing Microsoft certification into the curriculum.

According to IDC, the IT industry is expected to experience a deficit in 2.5 million qualified job candidates in the next 5 to 10 years, which begs the question: Why would you not want to equip your students with the skills they need?

The programme is currently already delivered by over 450 education institutions across Australia, which are part of a global community of over 10,000 ITAs. Teaching time is getting squeezed everywhere, and IT Academy provides them a cost effective, up to date, globally recognised curriculum and certification to deliver technology skills to students that truly gives them an advantage heading into the work place.

Richard Ryan, who’s our ITA Programme Manager in Australia, sent me a list of the things that IT Academies receive through their subscription:


  • E-Learning courseware – 380+ courses
  • E-Reference library access – 5 subscriptions to the library, which includes soft copies of all Microsoft Press Books
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer program – 1 subscription to this online community
  • Educator Starter Kit – 10 x Microsoft Office Specialist and 20 x Microsoft Technology Associate certification exams
  • UNESCO Teaching with Technology courseware – professional development resource for teachers, developed from the UNESCO ICT competency framework
  • MTA Course guides – Downloadable study guides and exam prep for the Microsoft Technology Associate certification exam
  • Lesson plans – customisable lesson plans for popular fundamental technologies, e.g. Office, SharePoint, Windows 8
  • Academic pricing on Microsoft Official Curriculum courseware and certification exams
  • Access to the DreamSpark program
  • Access to TechNet
  • Single sign on access through Office 365 for Education

Find MoreFor information on how to become a Microsoft IT Academy (or for Microsoft partners, to learn how to register to add IT Academy onto your customer agreements), then the easiest thing to do is drop Richard Ryan an email, and he’ll connect you to the right people.

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