Technology roadshow for NSW schools in November

This feels like a first – instead of announcing events that are focused on the biggest city in a few stated, or webinars that you can attend from anywhere (but can be impersonal), it’s great to announce a series of events that are going to cover the regional NSW too! Having once spent a holiday driving from Melbourne to Cairns, and back via inland NSW, I know just how far apart some of these places are.

Your School, Your Way roadshow

Your School, Your Way

Microsoft, Dell, Intel and Lenovo have come together to tour New South Wales next month, to share good advice on improving learning outcomes with technology, using the tools you already have in your classrooms to support the needs of your school, your teachers, and your students. It’s a Microsoft schools technology and learning roadshow. And an Intel one. And a Dell one. And Lenovo. All rolled into one. What’s not to like?


Your school at the forefront

How can your existing technology do more to inspire, engage and get the best out of
your students? How might you develop an ICT strategy that fits your school plan and delivers the best experience to your students and your extended community?

Your School, Your Way offers practical scenarios that answer these questions

Over breakfast, we invite school leaders to explore the right ICT strategy for your school and examine global research on incorporating ICT into the classroom. While teachers can enjoy a hands-on professional learning session from 9 to 3, focusing on getting the most from their schools’ existing software, including Microsoft OneNote, AutoCollage and PowerPoint.

Your window into the future

With Windows 8 just released, we’ll present you with a fascinating glimpse at what will soon be possible in the classroom – including innovations from Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell and Intel.


Venues and dates for the NSW Schools Microsoft/Dell/Intel/Lenovo roadshow

Between the 5th and 15th November, the free roadshow is going to visit 8 venues across metro and regional New South Wales

  • Newcastle – 5th November
  • Bankstown – 7th November
  • Wollongong – 8th November
  • Dubbo – 9th November
  • Wagga Wagga – 12th November
  • Sydney – 13th November
  • Tamworth – 14th November
  • Port Macquarie – 15th November


The agenda is the same at all of the events

Session 1 – Leading a transformative ICT strategy (for school leadership teams)

  • 7:30am Registration and breakfast
  • 8:00 – 9:00am Presentation

Session 2 – Building 21st century skills using ICT (for teaching staff)
It’s essential that you bring a school laptop to this session.

  • 8:30am Registration
  • 9:00 – 10:00am Keynote
  • 10:00 – 3:00pm Hands-on professional development session using OneNote and other software

Make a dateMake a date: Find out more, and register for Your School, Your Way