Webcast – Tips for submitting your apps to the Windows Store

It seems I’m on a bit of a roll with blog posts about Windows 8 apps for education (there’s another one coming tomorrow, which in my head is titled ‘Don’t write code – design an experience’). But reading blog posts, and the technical info on the links isn’t the same as actually hearing somebody talking about it. Our teams over in the US run a bunch of webinars about developing apps in Windows 8, but unfortunately most of them run in the morning on Pacific Standard Time – ie middle of the night in Australia. However, there’s one that might be relevant – and is running at an Australia-friendly time.

Windows Store app submission tips webinar

I’ve heard from some partners that successfully getting apps into the Windows Store is easier than some of the other app stores, but there’s still an important set of things to know. So the Windows 8 Technical Evangelist team are running a live webcast and Q&A on Friday morning:

  We are presenting top tips to help developers get their app or game into the Windows Store all while providing them access to resources which will help them 1:1 through Windows Store submission and certification.  Are you working on your Windows 8 app and getting close to submitting it to the Store? Then join our webcast on Thursday, October 18 at 4pm PST in Australia it’s on Friday, October 19 at 10AM (NSW/VIC), 9AM (QLD)  

So rather than getting up at 1am for the usual early morning US webcasts, you can attend this webcast in the relative luxury of Friday morning, and even have enough time to get your morning latte-mocha-frappacino before you tune in.


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