Windows Azure–training for education developers in Brisbane


If you’re a developer, and you’re wondering how to start using cloud services to help build a more scalable, or more easily deployable application, then make a date for 10th December in Brisbane. Our developer evangelists are running a free three day workshop for Developers, Architects and Development Leads to learn about our Windows Azure cloud services and how to integrate them into applications.

There are a range of educational applications developed in Australia that are already running on the Windows Azure cloud, or using it to help scale up to hundreds or thousands of individual education institutions and millions of students:

  • ClickView use Windows Azure to provide a smart digital video delivery and sharing service for schools and TAFEs
  • myMart3 use Windows Azure to provide a school reporting system for teachers
  • Avaxa use Windows Azure to provide an alternative implementation for student management systems, that avoids the need for servers in your institution
  • Janison use Windows Azure to enable 65,000 students to take an online science test in NSW at the same time, using the Cloud Assessment Framework, CAFE

And the workshop will give you a chance to be the next big app!

Here’s some key details of the hands-on training workshop:


What Am I Going to Learn?

At this Azure Training Workshop you will learn how to use each of the key Windows Azure features and services to build and move a variety of apps to the cloud. You will see how to build web sites, mobile applications, and enterprise-class applications.

The Azure Training Workshop is a great place to get deeper experience with Windows Azure development or to learn what’s new with the latest Windows Azure features.


And even better, this training is free, so there seems to be no decent excuse to leaving a developer in the dark… (And building applications that use the Windows Azure cloud can’t really be any harder than building apps that don’t, because even I managed to run up a Windows Azure server in the cloud, to run a WordPress installation, without additional help from my local geeks!)

BONUS EVENT: If you can’t afford three days to focus on development with Windows Azure, then how about a one-day DevCamp, which is more of a ‘follow along as we demo’ workshop. This is probably more suitable for you if you’re running IT systems in schools or TAFEs, but not a hardcore, full-time developer.
It’s too is in Brisbane, on 19th November.
More details here

Make a dateMake a date: Find out more, and register for the free Windows Azure workshop 10-12 Dec in Brisbane