Update 5: Windows 8 apps for education – ClickView Windows 8 app

imageThe first Australian education apps are starting to appear, and the charge is being led by ClickView, which is used by thousands of schools around the country.

The native Windows 8 ClickView Player app allows you to search and playback videos, podcasts and vodcasts from the ClickView library, and the ClickView Exchange content.

There’s tons of video content in the ClickView library from TED, ABC, Discovery Education, NASA etc. And it’s clearly structured under subject and topic headings. And then ClickView Exchange allows schools to share content including videos from free to air TV stations, recorded and uploaded by ClickView users. This online source of relevant, educational content contains 15,000+ titles that have been added by teachers around Australia. Yep, ClickView had to be really careful with copyright for all of this, which is why only educational users in Australia can get access to this.

Find out more about the overview of ClickView service, or the ClickView products they offer – from in-school video delivery and recording systems, to storage and management of digital media.

What does the ClickView Windows 8 app do?

ClickView Windows 8 app users can create their own playlists and vodcasts, and get HD streaming and video playback using the optimised Windows 8 player.

You can download the free ClickView Windows 8 app here.

  • Existing ClickView customers just sign in with their normal ClickView account details
  • For new users, you’ll need to have a ClickView account – so you may want to take advantage of the free 30 day ClickView trial


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