Which Windows 8 device for next academic year?

Windows 8 device range

There’s all kinds of new devices running Windows 8 appearing on the shelves of retailers and online stores at the moment. In fact, it seems as if new ones pop up every time I walk away from my screen. Which might lead you to looking at the choices for different Windows devices for next academic year.

Typically, in most education institutions, there’s a need for a range of different devices for different users and scenarios. Something portable and robust for students; something for computer labs; something different for staff; oh, and something really shiny and fast for the leadership team. Whatever the scenario you’re buying for, you’re going to find a computer that’s been tailored precisely for your use – whether it’s tablets, convertibles, ultrabooks, laptops, desktops or all-in-ones.

A good place to start to find out what’s available is the Australian Windows 8 website, which highlights some of the great devices now available:

imageFor my own use, I’m looking for a new home PC that’s an All-In-One, that I can put on the countertop in the kitchen for photos, music, video, and to become the hub for my other laptops around the house. And my current favourite is the Sony VAIO Tap 20, which seems to have the right design to be acceptable to my wife, the right portability to make my children happy (it’s got a built-in battery, so we can move it onto coffee table for games or video), and the right price and specification to make me happy.
And the hidden bonus that according to the picture, it can levitate Smile

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