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Yesterday’s list of the most read Education Blog posts that I’ve published this year prompted me to look a little further at the content. Having written 600 blog posts in the last two years, I thought it would be interesting to see the key topics. It was easy to do, because I use a series of ‘tags’ on each blog post (almost every single one is tagged with ‘education’, and then I add further tags like ‘cloud’, ‘students’, ‘classroom resources’ or ‘free download’).

You can see the tags when you click on an individual article, and then use the tags to find related blog posts quickly.

So here’s the top 10 most popular subjects for articles over the last two years, based on the number of articles published:

  1. Events (108)
    Either Microsoft-run education events, or run by our partners
  2. Case Study (91)
    Always popular – a look into what other people are doing with their projects
  3. Free Download (90)
    Yep, that magic word ‘free’ leads to 90 different articles
  4. Announcements (83)
    Well, that says I’m not breaking news every day
  5. Students (62)
    Surprisingly, many education technology blogs don’t write much about students
  6. Partner Training (59)
    As my job is fundamentally about helping our key education partners, this subject isn’t a big surprise
  7. Higher Education (58)
    To be honest, this has been a big focus area for me as I grow my knowledge too – and the act of blogging is also an act of learning
  8. Cost Saving (47)
    A couple of years ago, in the UK I was writing at least once a week about cost saving, but here in Australia, there’s not been the same agenda on the minds of education IT customers
  9. Business Intelligence (38)
    Both the topics (above and below) point towards the same agenda – using data to help improve education – being important and fast-moving.
  10. BI in Education (35)

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