Top 10 Education blog posts of 2012

Hey, everybody else is at it, so I thought I should join the bandwagon. So here’s my top ten Education blog posts, all from this Education blog from Australia. It’s a top ten by number of readers, and although quantity is no judge of quality hopefully there’ll be something here that you find useful, and might have missed during the year.

Top 10 Education blog posts of 2012

  1. Final version of the free Windows 8 programming ebook
    Yep, that magic word ‘free’ seemed to make this the most shared blog post of 2012
  2. The 5 factors which affect school performance
    Although it’s over a year old, this blog post is still regularly read by people searching for this info on Bing & Google, and comes up as the #1 search result for ‘factors affecting education
  3. Windows 8 Education Apps
    There’s obviously plenty of people looking for info on recommended Windows 8 apps for education
  4. Free technical ebook for Kindle and PDF – Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    I hadn’t realised I had such a geeky audience! Two technical books in the top 5
  5. Microsoft Australia Partner Conference dates and venue
    This is for the 2012 conference, but each year I’ve noticed that my APC blog posts end up high on the search results page on the web, and attract web traffic for people looking for more info
  6. Bring Your Own Device in schools – one school’s experience
    A case study from the UK of a high school that has been rolling out a school BYOD programme and now has 1,000+ unmanaged devices connected
  7. One in six schools block Wikipedia
    Nearly 18 months old, and still getting read
  8. Microsoft and the Cloud – what it means for education
    Because I couldn’t find it elsewhere, I had a crack at describing all of the Microsoft cloud services that are relevant to education. 1,800 words later, I bet I still missed a lot!
  9. Songsmith – free software for teachers in February
    The most popular of 28 free education software downloads I featured in my February Freebies list
  10. New lower prices for Office 365 for education
    In March we reduced the price of Office 365 for education – to make the basic service free – and that caught people’s interest

My 600th Education Blog post!

It’s still less than two years since I started writing this blog, and in that time I’ve written 599 blog posts (the most popular of all time is ‘Something for the weekend – free eBooks from Microsoft Press‘) and hopefully I’ve managed to share some useful education blog posts beyond this top ten, and helped one or two of you to discover something new and help you to enhance teaching and learning for your students (or yourself!) along the way!

After writing more than one blog every single working day, it’s perhaps suitable to publish this 600th blog post on my very last working day on 2012.

Happy New Year!