Update 7–Windows 8 Education Apps from Australian developers

As promised yesterday, here’s some another Windows 8 Education app developed in Australia.


Lesson Coder

Lesson Coder, is from Lucas Moffitt, who’s a developer in Newcastle (the Australian version, not the English one). It’s an app designed to allow teachers (or other lesson observers) to reflect up classroom practice, and then analyse those reflections later. As a teacher or lesson observer, you scale and make some notes to review your lessons, and then later download these to Excel to see how you’re progressing, and where you may want to spend more time in your planning. This is a noteworthy app for a couple of extra reasons:

  • It uses the NSW DEC Quality Teaching model, which gives a framework for three dimensions of pedagogy – intellectual quality, learning environment and significance. You can read more about the NSW Quality Teaching model here
  • The second reason is that Lucas has made Lesson Coder open source, so that others can contribute to its development – either by cloning it, or contributing to it

And Lucas’s Twitter stream tells me there’s more teaching and learning apps coming from him soon, especially after this tweet on Christmas Eve “..the Australian Curriculum offers json formats of the new syllabus files. I’m going to build a million apps”

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