Social media and student recruitment–why is it so important?

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Remember Shift Happens, from five years ago? Of course, it spawned a lot of similar style presentations, and they’re still rolling on today – many with the same soundtracks. Here’s an interesting one that would wake up the start of a conference or meeting, from Erik Qualman (author of socialnomics), about the impact of social media on sharing of information. I thought it was worth sharing because I noticed lots of paid advertising for schools, universities and colleges over the last few months – and yet, according to Erik, social media is probably more important than all of that:


Do you like what they are saying about your brand?
You better…

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

Only 14% trust advertisements.


Although I know that most education institutions in Australia have a social media presence, I wonder how many see it as an equal partner with conventional marketing? The quote above is just one of the stats from Erik’s Social Media 2013 video:


There’s no shortage of quotes in the video that I’m sure could be debated, like "The ROI of Social Media is Your Business Will Still Exist in 5 years", but if what your looking for is a rousing call to action for things to be different, then

(Oh, and if you need an antidote after watching this video, then try this Social Media Revolution Parody, also shared by Erik)

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