You can’t just airdrop technology

A principal recently confessed that he’d ordered a bunch of tablets for a whole year group of his students…and hadn’t yet told the teachers. I was reminded about the comment when watching Anthony Salcito (Microsoft’s global Vice President for Education) talking at the TEDx event in Paris in November. He described ‘air drop technology’ where IT is simply dropped into school:


Anthony’s talk, which is only 12 mins, is on YouTube, and sparked off some interesting thoughts and reflections for me:

And towards the end he makes a very clear point about three pretty important questions that should be present in every discussion:


But we’ve got to be rooted in questions:

  • What are we trying to do for our learners?
  • What are we trying to inspire them to achieve in a society?
  • How do we embrace the world of technology in a way that empowers great teaching?

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