Big Data webcast on 19th February


In two weeks time we’re hosting a webcast on Microsoft’s vision and solutions for Big Data, and to discuss the strategic potential of Big Data for organisations. In the business world today, senior IT people and their business counterparts are struggling to gain business insight from the unprecedented volume and variety of data they are capturing inside their organisation. And education is no exception to that – with the added complication that some of the key data is being kept on pieces of paper.

The webcast will be hosted by Jack Tang, our Director of Product Marketing for data solution, and Ron Dunn, who’s our regional Parallel Data Warehouse specialist. Their experience is across a number of industries and during the webcast they are going to share some stories about how some of our customers have successfully tapped into their own data to uncover business insights from their structured and unstructured data.

The webcast isn’t specifically for education customers, however the challenges I hear about from education customers mirror similar challenges for commercial customers (too much data, too many different sources, too many disconnected systems), so the content will all be relevant. Whether you call it Big Data, or Business Intelligence, or Learning Analytics, the ideas behind it are the same!

imageRegister now for the one hour webcast on 19th February at 2PM