nsquared herding: free Windows 8 education apps from nsquared

Another day, another free Windows 8 education app for primary schools from the nsquared team of developers in Sydney!

It’s designed to be used with touch devices, and can either be used by one child, or up to four sitting at opposite ends of a Windows 8 tablet that’s laying flat on a desk.

nsquared herding tile image

nsquared herding

nsquared herding is designed to develop numeracy, pattern matching and object recognition skills.

Whilst it is designed for up to four players simultaneously it will depend on the device that you use – on a small touch device (like a Microsoft Surface) you may have enough screen space for two players. Each player has to collect the correct numbers of each target object and place them into their own playing area.

nsquared herding screen shot 

In the example screen to the right, the students have to collect 2 turtles and 4 starfish each. They do that by herding them – dragging them to their side of the screen using their fingers.  
The app is free, and there are different activity packs available as an in-app purchase – you don’t need them to use the software, but you may find them useful as you integrate this into your curriculum activities. And besides, if it’s good classroom software, it’s a good idea to encourage the developers in Sydney to build some more by giving them some money for what they’ve already developed Smile

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