nsquared numbers: free Windows 8 education apps from nsquared

In my last blog post I wrote about nsquared, a Sydney-based company producing education software that works with touch devices, and the first of their free apps for Windows 8 – nsquared snap. Today, here’s their next free Windows 8 education app – numbers.


nsquared numbers

nsquared numbers screenshotnsquared numbers for Windows 8 is a free-form application that can be used to teach basic mathematical concepts. It gives you number tiles, so that you can set free tasks like "How many ways can you make the sum of ‘9’, or ‘55’, or any other number you’d like to explore. And because multiple students can use it at the same time, you can also set team or collaborative challenges, eg how many ways can they create those same results?

The app is free, with different activity packs available as an in-app purchase. Like their other apps, this software is great for pre-school and early primary school use.

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