The best collaborative Windows 8 education app for primary children – nsquared ‘make words’

All week I’ve written about new Windows 8 apps for education from nsquared. They’re all apps that are designed to be used with touch computers in the classroom, and you can have up to four children using them at the same time. It’s a very different learning experience from a single child using a tablet on their own, as they can either collaborate to solve a problem, or compete against each other (or, as I found with a colleague, start competing and then end up collaborating when they feel sorry for you after you’ve lost five games in a row).image

If you’re going to have four children working on a single activity, then you might consider the large touch tablets (like the Sony Viao Tap 20 above, which is my home machine), but the apps will run on any Windows device, including small touchscreens or even multi-touch whiteboards. The apps I’ve written about already this week are nsquared’s ‘herding‘, ‘letters‘, ‘missing card‘, ‘numbers‘ and ‘snap‘.

But I’ve saved the best till last:


nsquared make words

This is a free app in the form of structured educational game, compared to the less structured apps I wrote about earlier in the week. It’s designed to help students learn object recognition and differentiation, and improve their recall and spelling. nsquared makewords has the ability to switch between a range of content packs through the menu and download new content as it’s released (the app is free, and then you pay for the optional content packs).

image In the example on the right, the children are shown a picture of a whale, and each child has to hunt for the letters they need to spell the word, and then they drag them into the word board in front of them. The red dots count down remaining time, and students get points according to the order they finish.

You can download the free app, nsquared make words, from the link above, on a Windows 8 computer. If you don’t have Windows 8, then the link will allow you to see the listing information for the app.

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