Building a personalised student portal on Office 365 Education

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The University of West London won the UCISA-Eduserv Award for Excellence for their student portal, which provides a personalised experience for each student with easy access to the university services like their email, blogs, academic documents, library services etc. And it allows students to connect their portal account to their Facebook and Twitter accounts too. It removed the need for students to access multiple websites to get to the university information they need.

As Professor Kathryn Mitchell, the Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for the project, says in the case study:


We did it in terms of ensuring that students didn’t have to go through 25 different avenues in order to learn about their course, to learn about the social events going on in the university. I think the importance of the portal in terms of the University of Western London, was that we wanted to do something different in terms of just providing academic information was students. What we wanted to do was to allow individual students to personalise an academic journey


There’s some great screenshots in the video, which give you a good idea of the student experience:

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