Queensland–welcome back from the break

Good morning Queensland schools. Hope you enjoyed your break

I know, work intruded a bit with some planning and prep, and you were only just starting to wind down and suddenly it’s back into another semester.

Whilst you were away, we planned a few things, so I thought I’d give you a quick post-holiday run down of things you might have missed.

It’s okay, nobody else minds, it’s just between you and me, as lots of other states are having a similar break this week.

Microsoft School workshops in Brisbane this Friday…

We’re running two different workshop/seminars on Friday for Queensland schools, with a chance to catch up with new stuff, and most importantly to hear Travis Smith bring together his passions for learning, school leadership and technology.

There are two opportunities to catch it on Friday 19th at our offices in George Street:

School leaders can drop in for the "Leading Contemporary Learning in schools" session, at 8AM, for 90 minutes of strategic talking, debating and discussion. This is the time where Travis puts his own experience as a school leader on the line, and talks about the pedagogical direction to investing in new technology, and the ways to avoid leading a white elephant project. He’s a great speaker, and loves nothing more than a good debate, so it’ll be a good way to end the week.

Travis has been a classroom teacher, a school leader, and worked in the Education faculty at Monash University, so he’s got a pretty broad perspective, and he’s brilliantly entertaining too.

For teachers and IT managers, there’s a ‘Teachers and IT Managers in Schools‘ session a bit later on the same day, from 10AM until after you’ve had chance for decent lunch, which includes a session of Travis’s wisdom, followed by some deeper sessions for teachers and IT Managers. The teachers session will be a hands-on workshop, whereas the IT Managers will get to geek out on management, security, usability, cloud and devices.

Good news, this session includes plenty of Travis’s wit and wisdom too.

Can one of your students be a World Champion?

Be a World Champion

Although you’ve got until 15th June to get your students into our World Championship for Microsoft Office (yep, seriously) it’s probably about time to get started with them. I once met one of the World Champions, and it was amazing to see the impact it had on her. Anyway, one of your students could be the next World Champion of Microsoft Excel. Or Word. Or PowerPoint. So find out how to enter, and see if you can be waving one of your charges off onto a flight to Washington in July this year. Find out more on the Microsoft Office World Championships here.