Teachers and Windows 8 in education

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Each year teachers from around the world come together at the Partners in Learning Global Forum. This year, the camera crew that go along to the event asked those teachers for their thoughts on Windows 8, and the result is the compact YouTube video below.

There’s a great sound-bite halfway through from Camille Rutherford who’s a Professor of Education from Canada, where she says:

  I like to think of our pre-school students and kids in kindergarten right now as the mouseless generation, they are so used to interacting with technology via touch.  

It struck me as the first time I’d heard anybody talk about the ‘mouseless generation’, and it’s a great phrase that summarises a lot of device usage by very young children these days

The video above is the short (2 minute) version – there’s a slightly longer version of "Why Educators Love Windows 8 for Education" also available.

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