What’s included in Office 365 education? How much storage do you get?

If you’re considering using Office 365 Education – which gives you web versions of Office apps, as well as SharePoint collaboration spaces, Exchange email, Lync communications and SkyDrive storage services – you’ll probably love reading about the ‘software boundaries and limits’ – or what I’m going to call the “I get all this for free?” list.

What’s included in SharePoint online in Office 365 Education?

You’ll want to read the Office 365 service descriptions for SharePoint Online for yourself, but here’s what I understood from a quick glance.

With Office 365 Education (the free service) this is what you get:

  • 10GB base storage
  • Additional 500MB storage per user

Which means with 10,000 users, we’ll give you 5 Terabytes of storage to get started with Smile

  • Site collection maximum of 100GB per site (eg for a course collaboration site)
  • Up to 3,000 site collections
  • Additional 7GB of storage per user in their SkyDrive Pro
  • A public website default storage of 5GB, with a max of 100GB
  • Maximum file size of 250MB per file

And the best bit I saw? The limits are exactly the same for Education as for our Enterprise customers, except that education customers get it free….

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