Bill Gates on Q&A tonight – what will he say?

Bill Gates will be on ABC’s Q&A tonight at 8:30, and although I have no idea on the specifics of what’s going to be discussed, I’m guessing it will focus on education and healthcare – the two focus areas for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

[Edit after the fact! Turns out I was wrong – the focus stayed on health and international aid for most of the programme, and only covered education when answering the question about the toughest problem the foundation is trying to solve. His answer was “the most difficult thing we work on is improving the US education system” – see his full answer here]

In January, he wrote an essay for the Wall Street Journal, titled “Bill Gates: My Plan to Fix The World’s Biggest Problems“, in which, he focused on the need for measurement of progress as a critical factor of a journey of improvement. And then in his recent TED Talk, he focused on the need for supporting professional development for teachers, and on the importance of feedback. His view is that everyone needs feedback to help them improve, and that (US) teachers are a group that get some of the least (and least effective) feedback of all professions. Here’s the 10-minute video of the TED Talk, which is part of the Ted Talks channel on YouTube.

Learn MoreDid you know there’s also a Ted-Ed channel on YouTube, for teachers?