The LifeHacker Education App Winner – Sort It for Windows 8

Last month Lifehacker announced the winner of the first round of their Developer Challenge, to develop Windows 8 apps. Round 1 was for education apps, and the winning developer was Lucas Moffitt, from NSW, for his free Windows 8 app, Sort It.

Sort It app for students and teachers for Windows 8

imageSort it allows you to map processes, recipes, instructions and cycles into complex list items that require students to correctly arrange and complete. Teachers can create lists, and then share them with students, and collect their answers back via, the Teacher Collection website (that’s a subscription site, which is also linked to all of Lucas’s other Windows 8 apps for teachers). As well as creating activities, you can also export class results to excel, and get notifications when students have completed activities you’ve allocated.

Here’s a typical Sort It screen – in this case, a list of actions required to make cupcakes, which Natasha has sorted into the correct order (she’s better than me, I always get them ready to go in the oven, and only *then* remember to turn on the oven).


Learn MoreFind out more about Sort It at the Windows 8 Store online