Education is the fastest growing user of unified communications


I’ve been aware of the steady advance of unified communications at the expense of old-fashioned PBX telephone systems for a few years. Personally, my journey of unified communications started 6 years ago, when Microsoft started to replace our telephone handsets with Communicator 2007 software and handsets. Now I’m completely weaned off having a handset, and use a Bluetooth headset as my main ‘telephone’ device, and I love the ability to switch easily between IM chats, voice calls, video sharing, and conference calls – all within the same Lync software.

According to the latest research from IDG, I’m not alone. Their news release highlights a slew of key numbers around enterprise unified communications adoption, including:

  • 51% of organisations (yep, that’s a majority) are using unified communications already
  • 90% of organisations plan to invest in unified communications in the next year
  • Education is expected to be the fastest growing industry for implementation of unified communications in the next three years – with 72% of organisations expected to invest in it.
  • The primary benefits that organisations are seeing as drivers for adopting unified communications are:
    • 61% say increased productivity
    • 42% say increased flexibility for employees
    • 39% say faster response times

Is it in your plans yet? Should it be?

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