How to choose the right device in education

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Picture of children using touch screen laptopThe search for the right device for both yourself and your school, TAFE or university can be challenging. What type of device will I get? What do all the specs mean? Which device will best cater for my needs? The problem is, with the broad collection of Windows devices now available, and the vast price range, there is no ‘one size fits all’ device as every individual has their own needs.

I feel that sometimes ‘too much choice’ can be fatally confusing, because it can make a decision complicated. And so the benefit of having lots of different styles of device with Windows can have downsides as well as upsides. Who needs a choice of 30 different devices when you’re only going to buy one? But the reality is that we each have a very specific list of requirements, and so the choice of one of us may be completely different from another.

My colleagues in the UK have produced a handy guide to help navigate you through the choices of device, and highlight some of their favourites. They start with a comparison of device types – ultrabooks, tablets, hybrids/convertibles and All-In-Ones – and then highlight options for students at different levels, teachers and senior managers/IT professionals.

As we don’t have anything similar for Australia, I thought I’d share the information on the UK team’s work (beware: not all devices are available here, and the prices are listed in GB Pounds).

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