Webinar: Developing students’ 21st Century skills

imageExpanding Learning Horizons, one of our national education partners, is running a webinar next Thursday on “How to develop students’ 21st Century skills”. Fortunately, the first thing on the agenda is to define what those skills are in an Australian context (I mention this because it seems every country around the world has a definition of 21st Century skills, but they all seem slightly different!)

The webinar will be jointly presented by Expanding Learning Horizons & St Mary’s Primary School in Warners Bay in New South Wales, and will discuss strategies for how you can improve educational outcomes and equip students with the tools required for work and life in the 21st Century. As ELH put it:


We are constantly told to teach these skills but what are they? How do we teach them? Learn how St Mary’s have overcome these questions.
Learn about:

  • What are the 21st Century Skills?
  • How do you know if you’re teaching them?
  • Case Study at St Mary’s Primary School, implementing 21st Century Skills alongside their one-to-one device program – challenges, solution & benefits
  • Some great tools and ideas for web 2.0 tools that will help you teach these skills

Next steps for St Mary’s Primary School moving forward


The webinar is next Thursday 5th September from 4pm to 5pm AEST, and hosted by Emily Wooldridge (ICT Education Specialist, Expanding Learning Horizons) and Brad Fuller (IT Coordinator, St Mary’s Primary School )

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If you need more details or have a question, then drop an email to Megan at ELH