How big is the Office 365 for education mailbox?

imageUp until last Friday, the answer to “How big is the Office 365 for education mailbox?” was 25GB (remember, that’s every education user of the free Office 365 for Education service getting a free 25GB mailbox storage limit).

But as of Friday, we’ve announced we’re rolling out increases, doubling the email mailbox storage to 50GB. So the mailbox limit for the free plan (Office 365 for Education A2) – is 50GB, and the mailbox limits for the paid plans (Office 365 for Education A3 and A4) are also doubled to 50GB. And in addition, users with plan A3 and A4 get unlimited archive mailbox storage. Users of the free A2 plan get a 50GB archive.

That’s an awful lot of emails your students and staff can store, and you don’t have to keep buying storage devices to keep it on.

So now, when you’re feeling flippant and somebody asks “How big is the Office 365 for education mailbox?”
you can just say

“Enough… Even for you”

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