Have you signed up for the Brisbane Education Partner Summit this Friday?

Our last Education Partner Summit is in Brisbane this Friday, 1st November, and there are still places available for partners to attend. We’re meeting with Microsoft Education Partners including the Microsoft Authorised Education Resellers, to provide an in-depth training programme to help our partners develop their education IT business.

We’ve structured the day to allow you to attend just the morning or afternoon session, depending on your particular interests.

The agenda for the day in Brisbane is:

Time Session Overview


Microsoft in Education overview

An introductory overview of Microsoft’s Education business, our strategy, the current market trends across the education sector, and a review of key opportunities for Microsoft partners selling into the education market.


The local education market

An opportunity to hear from your local education-focused Account Managers responsible for the Microsoft relationship with schools, TAFEs and higher education institutions. You’ll get our view of the strategic challenges and opportunities, as well as the state of local school and TAFE devolved decision making. We’ll also describe the Microsoft licensing agreement coverage, so that you know what pre-existing Microsoft licensing agreements you can leverage on, and where there are opportunities to help customers’ save money or introduce new efficiencies.


Office 365 for Education

Office 365 for Education is Microsoft’s key cloud service for students and staff that enhances collaborative learning and communication. With pricing starting from ‘free’ (or complimentary, as the lawyers call it), and continuing up through a range of services up to full voice capability to replace PBXs, the software and services opportunity for partners is huge. In this session we’ll explore the product proposition, licensing, and partner services opportunities.


Morning Tea



Windows in the Classroom

An opportunity to get an experience of a Windows in the Classroom session – which is a 2 hour hands-on seminar program normally delivered to school leaders and education decision makers. A Windows in the Classroom hands-on session positions Microsoft in the context of learning and classroom practice, and is delivered by professional educators on behalf of Microsoft. The sessions demonstrate the value of the Windows platform in concert with Office applications, Lync, Learning Suite, and the many other tools that enhance learning in the classroom for teachers and enable students to build 21st skills.

We’ll conclude this session by breaking down the resources used during the session to consider how they will help you to sell devices, software and services to your school customers, and how you can engage Microsoft’s team to support your sales opportunities.





Education Apps on Windows 8

The ‘apps’ market offers new opportunities for our education partners, as well as new ways of working for education institutions. This session will look at key Windows 8 education apps, and consider what it takes to make a great education app. And then hear from a local app developer about their story.


Education Solutions strategy

In the last session of the day, we’ll look at the market for complex education solutions focused on the business needs of education institutions. These conversations about solutions often don’t involve the IT department until the very last stage, as they are addressing business challenges such as raising standards of achievement through learning analytics, or developing more effective student recruitment and lifecycle management.

We’ll share our insights on the growing solutions marketplace for high-level, business-centric solutions, and offer strategies for business development in these areas.

You can register here – We’re at the Sofitel, from 9AM to 3:30PM on Friday 1st November.