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Our worldwide Partners in Learning team run a series of Education webcasts focused on providing deep insights into teaching and learning. They are run from the Microsoft global headquarters in Seattle, and feature presenters from around the world. Fortunately for us in Australia, they are scheduled to run twice during the same day, and the one that runs at 5PM Seattle time is Australia-friendly! The next one is on Friday 8th November

One to One Learning the Next Wave – webcast

In the morning of Friday 8th November in Australia 
(10AM – QLD; 10:30AM – SA; 12 Noon – NSW/VIC; 9AM – WA)

It’s been a while since the very first 1-to-1 program in Australia, (1990), U.S.’s Anytime Anywhere Learning in (mid 1990’s), One Laptop Per Child (mid 2000’s) and many school and district initiatives. We’ve learned a lot, experienced success and made mistakes. This session brings together major thought leaders in 1-to-1 from the US, the UK and Spain to propose 1-to-1 – The Next Wave. We’ll briefly describe the previous waves and why we think it’s time to reflect, rethink and refresh. Join Lord Knight, Neus Lorenzo, Leslie Wilson and Pamela Livingston at will share their ideas and invite your questions. If you now have or are considering 1-to-1 learning, it will be worth your time to attend. This webcast will be particularly relevant to Australian schools as they plan for a post-DER world, now the Federal Government funding for 1:1 access has finished.

Lord Jim Knight, who’s co-presenting in the webcast, was responsible for the UK government’s programme to provide a free home computer to pupils in the 15% of households with the lowest socio-economic circumstances in the UK, the Home Access Programme from 2010. The scheme was innovative in many ways, with parents being able to walk into a number of retail stores with a special voucher and walk out with an approved computer that met the scheme’s certification process. As somebody who was deeply involved in the programme in the UK, I know that Jim has deep knowledge and passion for 1-to-1 programmes, built on a real set of ‘been there, done that’ experiences! (You can see some of the basic info on the Home Access programme on a blog post I wrote 3 years ago)

Presented by:

imageLord Jim Knight, Former Schools Minister, United Kingdom
Jim Knight was the longest serving Schools minister in the UK government led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown; he also served as Rural Affairs minister and Employment minister. He attended weekly Cabinet in the year running up to the 2010 General Election, and was made a Lord by the Queen after that election. Jim’s main policy interests are education, employment, skills and digital technology.


imagePamela Livingston, Senior Product Manager, Schoolwires
Pamela Livingston is Senior Product Manager at Schoolwires and previously led technology at K-12 schools. The author of ISTE’s book "1-to-1 Learning : Laptop Programs That Work"


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The website lists the time in US Pacific Daylight time as 5PM on 7 November, which is on the 8th November for Australia. At noon for those in NSW & Victoria; 10AM in Queensland; 10:30AM in South Australia and 9AM in Western Australia