Windows 8 Apps to enhance student study skills

On our Microsoft Australia Teachers Blog Pinterest Boards we are taking time to categorise the top Windows 8 apps to showcase educational uses that will help you in the classroom.

Today we want to share with you a list of apps that enhance digital study skills. As we all know, it’s coming up to exam time and many students are now running Windows 8 device, so here are some recommended apps you can show your students to help them organise, summarise and memorise for the exams ahead.

We have curated a board titled ‘Self Regulation and Study Skills’, to bring together some of the best apps that will help a student to develop valuable digital study skills and broaden their use of technology as a tool for learning. Click on the link below to visit this board.

Our 5 recommended Windows 8 Apps to support study are:

Number 1: OneNote Educators and students love this app and often use it to:

  • Summarise work into a subject specific sections
  • Take photos of handwritten notes and highlight on top of them
  • Open the internet and one note in split screen mode and summarise directly from the web to a OneNote file
  • Record their voice as they work on solutions.

On the full version of OneNote, students can create shared OneNote files with friends and teachers and share the workload, write practice essays and share with their teacher for comment. They can also give their friends feedback. Students can use OneNote just as they would a regular digital arch lever folder.


Number 2: Drawboard PDFFantastic for writing and commenting over PDFs of text books, essays and other pieces of written work. Make summary notes of documents used in class, grab friend’s study notes (swap with their own perhaps), highlight and study. (Website)


Number 3: My StudyLife This app allows students to create a study timetable, keep on track of when assignments are due, create a list of things to study, track progress, and mark off study as completed. This app syncs across to the web so it can be  accessed it from any device.  (Website)


Number 4: Flashcards Pro – An old method in a more engaging platform. Create decks of flashcards for formulas, vocabulary, diagrams, and historical dates. Once decks have been created and even shared with friends, students can study and memorise for exams. This app is integrated with Cram (formerly FlashcardExchange) and Quizlet to give access to millions of pre-created card decks. (Website)


Number 5: Record Voice and Pen – Students can use this app to record themselves as they read through and summarise images, text, and diagrams. Once notes are recorded, watch and listen back, or they can share with friends to memorise or study.

Don’t forget that one of the great things about Windows 8 is that it not only runs apps from the Windows Store but also full desktop applications. You really do have the best of both worlds.

Are there any other Windows 8 apps your students use to study? Why not Share them with us below. We will make sure we add them to our Windows 8 Study Apps board.