Announcing the Microsoft Australian Teachers Blog

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My colleagues have been talking for a while about creating a more teaching-centric blog for Australia, focusing more on the teaching and learning side of technology. And a couple of weeks ago they launched the Microsoft Australian Teachers Blog, which is all about technology in the classroom. It will grow out to become the one stop shop for all of the key tips, tricks and local stories.

Even better, rather than being the product of a single person, there’s a whole team of people writing stories for it, including Pip Cleaves, who’s well known from her time in NSW Department of Education, and a range of guest bloggers including teachers and school principals. Alongside articles about new technologies for teaching and learning (like the recent post about the enhancements to Office Web Apps to allow students to collaboratively edit documents in real time), you’ll find stories like the one from Stacey Quince, Principal for Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, who talks about the journey her school has had to take in ‘learning to unlearn’ in order to change the way that they do things.

One of the areas that everybody will find useful is the Windows 8 Education Apps page that contains curated links to hundreds of Windows 8 apps to support specific curriculum subjects, as well as topics such as study skills, or knowledge construction. Pip has been collating lists using Pinterest, which makes it really easy to keep a dynamic list of apps that can be easily added to as new apps get recommended or published.

Our aim is for this Education blog and the Teachers blog to complement each other, rather than duplicating each other. So you may want to add both to your RSS feeds list, or your browser Favourites list, so that you’ve got the full picture of every it of news from the Australian Microsoft Education Team

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