Teachers first, then Technology

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How often do we hear of schools rushing out to but the latest shiny gadget for their students without considering the teacher who will be leading learning through them?

This week at the Microsoft APAC Analyst Summit in SingaporeAnthony Salcito – Vice President of Education for Microsoft Corporation, shared with us the importance of not just providing a device for each student, but of creating the right teaching environment in classrooms and schools. In his short video below, Anthony raised many points that led to some points of reflection:

  • Merely placing a device does not lead to innovative practice
  • Evidence shows that rather than large systems, it is individual teachers that are innovative
  • Designing the learning is just as important as the technology
  • No matter where you are in the globe, we all battle with making the transformation in education stick
  • We should support teachers in whatever way we can to help them transform their learning environment

Watching and reflecting on this video led me to reflecting on the Computing Capability Diagram again. Before committing to purchase of, or recommendation of devices in schools, why not consider the activities you need learners to carry out, then the device needed?

Before making your decision, why not ask three questions to begin the discussion in your school:

  • What are we currently doing with Devices?
  • What do we want to do with devices?
  • What is the best Device for your learners?

Then consider what support your teachers need to ensure positive learning experiences from day one of your transformation.

Teachers first, then Technology.

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