Windows 8 Apps that help teacher preparation

As more and more teachers begin using Windows 8 Apps on desktops at home, laptops at work, or tablets on the go, the need to use apps and applications that sync across our personal technology grows. Teachers who prepare work at home need to seamlessly and effortlessly open the same piece of work or tool at school, on the train, or in the staffroom. The good news is – there are many great apps which allow teachers to do this.

To help you out, we have curated a Pinterest Board of Windows Apps for Teacher Planning. (It will continue to grow as we find more apps so make sure to save the page to visit again later).

I remember back to my years teaching and recall the tasks and activities I regularly undertook. So I searched to find apps that would support these activities on my Windows 8 device, here are some of my findings:

If you’re into flipped classrooms you may be interested in using Record Voice and Pen. This app supports you to make great screen casting videos perfect for any subject.

The Teacher collection of apps has been created by Lucas, an Australian developer and teacher. His collection contains some great apps including:

Interestingly, Lucas has also developed an ‘Australian Teacher Professional Standards Evaluator’ App to support those evaluating their work against the national teaching standards for professional development and accreditation purposes.

Lastly, don’t forget Skype! Such a great tool for sharing ideas with teacher friends across the globe – check out Skype in the Classroom webpage for some inspiration on how to integrate Skype into your classroom.

In summary, there are great apps you can use on your desktop, laptop or mobile device that can make your world as a teacher easier, more efficient and definitely more fun.

 We would really like to hear what other apps you use to prepare for class, share them in the comments below and we will add them to our Pinterest Page.