Win 8 Apps for multimedia projects

These days we ask students to show their knowledge via a number of mediums. One of these is multimedia. A Windows 8 device will give you the capability to create multimedia work both in apps and in full software installations such as movie maker and other creative software. Searching through the Windows App store can offer a number of choice for students to create multimedia products to show aces knowledge. Below are some of the apps we feel would support professional looking multimedia production for a variety of ages and subject areas.

9 Slides 

Turn your power points into movies. Upload a PowerPoint then record a video of your presentation before blending them together on the app. A great tool for students to record their presentations and speeches at home or at school, sharing with friends for feedback, discussing as a group. Great for pre-recording sessions for students to watch, or for collaborative learning projects.

Presentation Next

Create amazing Prezi-like HTML based presentations with ease. Once created these presentations can be seen across all mobile and desktop devices. On Presentation Next you can also illustrate and communicate your learning with rich drawing tools such as lines, shapes, pen, pencil, marker and paint brush tools. Use the Data tool to create data visualisation and interactive infographics. There are so many different uses for this app.


Create Stop-Motion and Animation style videos with this app. Take photos directly with your device and make them into a stop-motion movie with ease. A great app for students to make fun movies such as Lego recreations of famous scenes, or even to showcase a concept in science, create a how-to guide for a cooking recipes. There are so many ways to integrate this app into your classroom projects.

Here is an example of a ZoeTrope made by a 10 year old. 


Make short snip it like videos, a bit like GIFs, that show a new concept, or become part of a larger presentation. Freeze sections of a movie while other areas move, slow down and speed up parts of a video, there are a variety of uses that you could use this app for to show learning. Once a BlinkCliplet is created it can be saved to the gallery and share with others. Check out some of the other Blinks that have been made on the Browser Gallery.


Movie editing app that makes videos taken on any device and synced to a Windows 8 machine a work of art. Easy to use and create professional looking movies import images or PowerPoint slides saved as images, record your voice, and mash together to make movies showing new learning. Edit existing videos, add music and create wonderful videos to share with the world.

Record Voice and Pen

Create videos that look and sound like the Khan Academy. Make tutorials and share among peers. Create guides to support students learn new skills and strategies. Great for learning foreign language script stroke order and formation.


Edit photos, add text, create collages, publish and use as a base for a multimedia presentation. This app will turn ordinary photos into eye catching images for multimedia projects and presentations.

Comic Director

With this comic creator you can import your own images or movies to create multimodal presentations and movies that have the atmosphere of a real cartoon or comic. Once done you can publish your movie to the gallery and share with peers.

Sketchbook Express

If you have a device with a pen this app will help create wonderful hand drawn pictures, explanations, and artwork. This free version of the hugely poplar Autodesk Sketchbook software has amazing options and tools.


Create great hand drawn flip-book style animation movies. Such a fun tool to create stories and explanations. Use the zoom tool to focus on specific point of interest, choose from a variety of pens and backgrounds to make the movie get the right message across to the audience.

Check out this short movie made with the app.


First choose a back ground, font, colour and size of text. Second enter the text you wish your creation to be made from, then draw a lines to emphasis the background. Voila, the sentence you typed becomes a work of art. A great addition to those making multimodal products or showing understanding through imagery.

Above are just 10 of the many Windows Apps you can lead students to use to create Multimedia Projects. Why not give them a choice of 5 or 6 apps and ask them to choose the app that suits their project outcomes the best.

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Did you know that you can now purchase Windows Store Gift Cards? A great way to add apps to machines in your school.

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