Win 8 Apps for Relaxing and Inspiring

As we all start to slow down and switch off for the summer holiday, we all start to think about which books we will read, movies and TV to catch up on and music to relax to.

Below is a list of some of the best Windows 8 apps for reading, watching and listening.


  1. Kindle – Amazon’s well known eBook platform. Buy books at the beach, on the lounge and even while driving along the highway. Nothing stops an urge to read when you have a kindle.
  2. Nook – is Barnes and Noble’s eBook reader. This platform has a huge amount of books that you can read. Nook sells books, magazines, newspapers and magazines.
  3. Free Books – find the classics and more obscure books, download and read for free. this app has both eBooks and Audio books available.
  4. Audible – A partner of Kindle, this app comes with a subscription that allows you do download audible books monthly. Listen while you mow the lawn, clean the house, or even while you watch the waves at the beach.
  5. ComiXology – This app is for the Comic Readers. download and read almost any popular comic.
  6. Manga Z – If you like reading Manga, then this app will open you to a huge new library.

Don’t forget

If you have youngsters, six Dr Seuss books have been remastered for the Windows 8 platform and are now even better than we remember. 

Book Apps In your Classroom

Why not have students read directly from their devices? Make a lists of books they might enjoy reading using a shared OneNote or Word Document. Suggest they class list of the books they have read using a similar shared document. Students might even create video reviews using their device camera and a video editing app such as Arc Soft Showbiz to share with peers for feedback.



  1. SnagFilms – is an apps that streams independent movies to your Windows 8 device. A huge collection of movies awaits those rainy summer days.
  2. Free Movies Box – Watch the legendary movies and tv shows, or catch up on the latest. Free Box Movies will keep the whole family entertained when outside is not the place to be.
  3. SBS on Demand – Unlimited access to SBS Television shows and movies.
  4. Crackle – Watch TV and full length uncut movies with Crackle. Many of the current TV series are able to be streamed through this app as well.
  5. Quickflix – A monthly subscription will give you access to endless tv programs and movies. See you favourite 80s movies, catch up on the TV shows you have missed over the year and discover some new gems to view.

Don’t forget

TEDX lets you be inspired, find your creative flame and catch up on the coolest, more innovative talks from around the globe.

Movie and TV Apps in your classroom

You can use these apps for your movie and study in classrooms too. By connecting you device to a projector and speakers, you can use your device to discuss concepts, film technique, language or culture. Sometimes you might see the perfect documentary at home but not know how to get to it at school. Some of these apps can help to get rid of that problem and open new discussion in class.



  1. XBox Music – This native Windows 8 Music App is awesome. Use your Windows 8 RT or Device to begin your free access to millions of tracks, radio stations, playlists of all your current and old favourites that bring back memories of summers gone by. Pay for premium and sync your music across all your windows devices. 
  2. Pandora Radio – Sing your watt through the Summer traffic with this Pandora Radio App. Create playlists, find stations and find a set of headphones. No longer will cleaning be a chore.
  3. Spotlite – This 3rd Party Spotify gives a great Windows 8 solution for those who already use this hugely popular subscription based music streaming serves.
  4. TuneIn Radio – Search for radio stations from across the globe, or rediscover those in our own Australian backyard. TuneIn Radio streams your favourite radio stations, no matter where you are

Don’t forget

When you hear a song that get’s your toes tapping, but you don’t know it’s name, then Shazam is the app for you. Turn it on, and watch it give you the name in seconds. 

Music Player Apps in your classroom

Not all classrooms are silent. Why not get your students to curate music lists that give an atmosphere for the unit of work you are focusing on, find and discuss music lyrics, or even just play music in the background to create the atmosphere your students need.


As you can see there are many, many apps that can help you to relax and enjoy some time away from the busy lifestyle 21st Century Educators live. You might even find a way to integrate these apps into your classroom in 2014. Enjoy!


Did you know that you can now purchase Windows Store Gift Cards? A great way to add apps to machines in your school.

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